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Need an an insulation contractor in southern New Hampshire? Perhaps you are looking for solutions to your indoor comfort issues, or you are looking for ways to lower those high energy bills — without having to turn the heat uncomfortably low in the winter. Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place.

A+ Energy Services offers a wide range of insulation services for homeowners throughout southern New Hampshire including Keene, Concord, Nashua, and Manchester. Our insulation contractor services include attic insulation, wall insulation, basement and crawlspace insulation, vapor barrier installation for basements and crawlspaces, air sealing, and more. Due to our commitment to installing insulation properly and with the utmost attention to detail, our services deliver benefits you can see and feel — like greater indoor comfort and lower heating and cooling costs. We even connect our customers with available rebates and financing options to take the financial benefits of home insulation that much further.

Types of Insulation We Install

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is extremely versatile because in addition to controlling heat flow into and out of your home, it also provides air sealing and is moisture resistant. This makes it great for sealing air leaks and for high moisture areas like the crawlspace or basement.

Cellulose Insulation

Blown-in cellulose insulation — which is typically made from recycled newspaper that has been treated for fire resistance — is a versatile insulation solution because it can be installed in a number of ways. We might install it in “loose fill” form along the attic floor, for example, or “dense pack” it into a wall cavity. Cellulose can even be blown into finished walls through tiny holes for a minimally invasive installation process.

Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass batt insulation is the type of insulation that most homeowners are familiar with. But while many homeowners attempt to install this type of insulation themselves, it is best installed by an experienced professional to maximize its effectiveness. We often use fiberglass batts on unfinished walls.

Rigid Foam Board Insulation

Like spray foam, rigid foam board insulation is resistant to moisture. This makes it a great option for high moisture areas like the crawlspace or basement.

“How Much Insulation Is Enough for My Home?”

This is a question for an experienced insulation contractor. When deciding how much insulation is right for your New Hampshire home, it’s important to consider the R value (effectiveness rating) of the insulation being installed, along with the recommended R value for the specific area in your home. (Remember: the higher the R value, the more effective the insulation is at controlling heat flow.)

Here in New England, for example, recommended R values are R50+ in attics, R15+ in walls, and R10+ in basements and crawlspaces. So, an attic generally needs much more insulation than, say, a basement or crawlspace. Ultimately, an insulation contractor should determine how much insulation your home needs using diagnostic tools, building science knowledge and experience.

We Install Insulation Properly for True Home Comfort

When discussing R value, it’s important to note that if insulation is not installed perfectly (and it rarely is), its R value (or effectiveness) will drop considerably. If there are air leaks underneath the insulation, R value drops even more. A foot of insulation that is supposed to create an R value of R50, for example, might only have an R value of R30 if it’s installed incorrectly.

At A+ Energy Services, we deliver comfort and lower energy costs for our customers by taking the time to air seal and install insulation perfectly.

Proper Home Insulation Starts with an Energy Audit

You can’t exactly see inside your walls or detect every air leak along the attic floor, so how can you know where to install insulation (and how much) in your home? That’s where an energy audit by A+ Energy Services comes in. We start every insulation project with an in-depth energy assessment to uncover problem areas such as air leaks and under-insulated areas.

Once we understand your home’s insulation needs, we’ll choose which insulation materials are best for your project. We routinely install spray foam, rigid foam board, cellulose, fiberglass batt, and vapor barriers in the same home on the same day. We also complete air sealing before installing any insulation to give you even greater comfort and a faster return for heating and cooling savings.

Find out why so many southern NH homeowners have come to trust A+ Energy Services with their home insulation needs!

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