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Basement insulation is an excellent way to save energy, reduce heating & cooling bills and improve your southern NH home’s overall comfort. At A+ Energy Services, we can identify the best basement insulation options to match your home’s unique characteristics. 

Why Should I insulate My Basement?

Even though basement foundation walls look thick, concrete and cinder blocks have low insulation R values of about R-1 (which measures the thermal resistance of a material, and is used to quantify how effective insulation is at regulating temperature). Hot goes to cold like a magnet and basement walls are that magnet; attracting heat from the boiler, furnace, heating pipes, or ductwork. Insulating the walls with the appropriate thickness, fire rated foam-board will increase the comfort above by capturing the distribution losses from the heating equipment and the natural uprising ground heat (which is 48 degrees). Capturing this heat will keep the basement warmer, forcing that warmth upwards instead of outwards through the foundation. Insulating the floor with fiberglass is a proven waste of time and money, but insulating the basement walls with fire rated foam-board will prevent heat loss and allow the basement to be finished later without the fear of mold, mildew or moisture migration, increasing the resale value of your home. Don’t be fooled; only fire rated foam-board meets code and homeowner insurance requirements. So, as you can see, improving basement insulation can really impact your overall home performance.  

Home Energy Audit Pinpoints Energy Loss 

Your basement has several areas that may need added insulation and air sealing to control energy loss. When you start with a home energy audit from the pros at A+ Energy Services, you may qualify for valuable rebates and 0-2% financing through the NHSaves Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program. The home energy audit will identify where in your home--including the basement--needs air sealing or an insulation upgrade. 

What are the Types of Basement Insulation?

As experienced insulation contractors and certified building science professionals, A+ Energy Services will recommend the right kind of insulation for your basement:

  • Rigid foam board is applied directly to the basement wall in layers to add up to the desired R-value 

  • Cellulose insulation offers an eco friendly solution for applications under floors and between studs using a barrier material to hold it in place.

  • Fiberglass batts can be applied to basement walls between studs and between floor joists.

Addressing Moisture Problems in Your Basement

Many southern NH homes experience dampness in the basement. This moisture can seep into living areas and cause mold, mildew and musty odors. As experienced basement insulation contractors, the pros at A+ Energy Services will perform air sealing services to address moisture seepage. Small gaps and leaks around connective pathways like windows and doors, outlets and lighting fixtures, or ventilation ducts are common and allow water, and hot humid air to leak into your home. Air sealing blocks off those gaps or cracks in your home’s exterior where air and moisture might be getting through. The result is a dryer basement and improved indoor air quality.

Basement Insulation Expands Living Spaces

With moisture problems addressed, your newly insulated basement can offer additional, comfortable living space for entertainment, game rooms or home office space. Let our basement insulation experts help you enjoy more room in your southern New Hampshire home!  Our skilled insulation team brings extensive experience with residential energy solutions, and offers 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Why wait? Get started on saving energy today!

Insulating your basement is an effective way to cut energy costs.

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