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Our customers call on us for a number of reasons.

 Expert diagnostics for building envelope problems.

 Energy assessments with prioritization of upgrade opportunities.

 Projects completed on time and on budget.


Our Residential Customers appreciate the “low-risk” terms we have developed over the years that place project risks squarely on our shoulders, especially for those who may have been burned in the past by a Contractor or Company with big up-front promises, but who lacked on follow through and delivery.


Our Commercial Customers are pleased to learn that quite often we are able to build a “pay-for-performance” aspect to a Building Performance Project, and thus lower the upfront cost of entry and get the project scheduled and the building fixed.

Why A+ Energy Services

A+ Energy Services has been in business for 20 years. We specialize in performing energy improvement retrofit work on multifamily, hotel and motel, residential, and commercial buildings using our own in-house crews for the utmost of quality. We’ve served over 7000 units in New Hampshire, and surrounding states.

A+ Energy Services typically generates fuel savings up to approximately 45% in most of our retrofit projects with payback periods most often seven years or less. Building performance is approached as a science; the whole building is treated as an energy system.

We pride ourselves on our history of servicing multifamily complexes. Our crews work to prevent and mitigate disruption to residents. We strive to make sure improvements are done smoothly, efficiently, and within a short timeframe.

Amy Poisson, General Manager of Patriots Park, a 216 unit multifamily in Portsmouth, NH, stated, “A+ Energy was excellent. They were very knowledgeable, worked quickly and efficiently and their crews were very sensitive to the unique demands of working in a large multi-resident environment. Dan Ramage, the president, has enormous integrity. I can’t recommend them enough.”

The people at A+ Energy Services are building performance scientists and perform building shell energy efficiency assessments and installations.

In addition to energy audits and Home Energy Rating System (HERS) certifications, A+ installs:

  • Blower-door and infrared-guided air sealing,
  • Attic/roof/wall/basement/duct/ insulation
  • Better than Energy Star-labeled replacement windows and doors,
  • Programmable thermostats,
  • Lighting upgrades,
  • Energy Star-labeled appliances,
  • Water conservation measures,
  • Geothermal heating / cooling & refrigeration.
  • Residential Construction Services
  • Consulting Services

About Our Founder

Dan Ramage founded A+ Energy Services in late 1997. Dan’s career began in 1992 with Apple Insulation in Haverhill MA, an energy performance company. At the age of nineteen Dan became job foreman and was instrumental in creating and promoting innovative solutions to increase productivity. He founded Buddy Company, an energy performance company in 1997, in Haverhill MA. In 2000 he relocated to NH and founded A+ Energy Services and later incorporated in 2002 in Hampstead, NH.

Dan was one of the principal founders of R.E.P.A whose original intent was to become a non-profit dedicated to serving the ratepayers. Dan has personally served over 4,000 homes and has gained much knowledge and hands on experience that enables him to serve a customer with the utmost integrity, comfort and most importantly energy savings.

Dan is a certified Home Energy Rating System (H.E.R.S.) and Kansas building science graduate. He has completed numerous energy science programs and certifications including: Rick Karg Indoor Air Quality Training, Energy Auditor I and II, International Ground Source Heat Pump Association Geothermal Installer, Phillips Applied Lighting School, and Combustion Safety Testing & Training.

Dan loves to stay on the forefront of practical application as displayed by designing and implementing his knowledge into new construction, such as shown by building his own near zero energy home: achieving only 21 cents per square foot for heat, hot water (2- 90 gallon tanks), air conditioning, and irrigation/well pumping costs all without any solar, while the average costs are $1.25 -$1.50 per square foot of living area in NH.

Memberships have included: The Residential Energy Performance Association (REPA charter member), International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA), and Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA). Dan is active in various community programs through his church and many foreign exchange student programs. Dan is a graduate of the Kansas Building Science Institute. Dan was the founder of the NH Energy Trust, a non-profit 501c3, with the task of creating an open free energy efficiency services market in NH and was active in achieving the same in MA.

Profile Daniel Ramage, Founder of A+ Energy

Daniel D. Ramage

Founder & President

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