Air Sealing
A Cost Effective Solution for Energy Efficiency
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Priority #1 For Increased Comfort and Energy Efficiency

Air sealing or the reduction of building air leakage should be priority number one for increased comfort and energy efficiency.

Too bad it’s rarely addressed, there are a number of reasons this low hanging fruit often gets passed over.

It’s invisible. But if you think your house is drafty, or would like to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Just about every house needs some air sealing.

Air sealing isn’t easy work. Comprehensive air sealing is physically challenging to say the least. In the attic and upper knee walls, insulation needs peeled back to seal the top plates and bypasses and penetrations underneath. Technicians often need to balance on open joists at awkward angles in tight spaces. Easy to say, hard to do.

Basement air sealing will bloody your knuckles at the sill, egress doors usually need a carpenter’s touch to function and seal tight. Air sealing in the finished living space requires workmanship and attention to detail.

When done right, air sealing can make a cold house comfortable, and can make a comfortable house very energy efficient. Ask our customers.

Air sealing is the most cost effective of all building envelope measures and is also known to fix ice damns as well as a host of moisture problems.

Enjoy your home more, and cut your energy bills!

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