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When it comes to retrofits and making improvements to home performance, wall insulation is just as important as attic insulation for creating a tight thermal boundary in your home. Upgrading your wall insulation will help maintain consistent indoor temperatures that will keep you and your family comfortable all year round.

Walls can account for up to 35% of a home’s total heat loss, making them one of the largest and most important areas of your home to properly insulate. In NH we find during an energy audit that many homes built before 1970 have zero to 1 ½” of insulation currently in their walls. At A+ Energy Services, we offer exterior and interior wall insulation services to help you keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, all while saving you money on energy costs.

What Kind of Insulation is Best for Walls?

To handle the swinging temperature extremes that Southern New Hampshire homeowners experience throughout the year, you need insulation that can handle the elements. While we often use foam insulation for basements or crawlspaces and air sealing, A+ Energy relies on two different kinds of insulation for walls in particular.

For existing walls and retrofits, we recommend fire-resistant blown in cellulose, an environmentally friendly type of insulation. Cellulose can be densely packed for superior performance and airtightness, and can be easily blown in by drilling small holes into the walls from the outside, minimizing damage to your home during the installation process. For new construction and unfinished walls, we recommend installing net and blow cellulose insulation or possibly fiberglass batts with air sealing.

What Are the Benefits of Wall Insulation?

Comprehensive wall insulation, especially when combined with air sealing, offers your home unparalleled defense against the outdoor elements. When properly installed, and especially when used in conjunction with air sealing, wall insulation has many benefits, including:

  • Increased Comfort

Proper insulation results in a home that better maintains its inside temperature. That means you’ll be less prone to extreme temperature swings, no matter what the New England weather is doing outside.

  • Lower energy usage

When your home’s heating and cooling systems have an easier time keeping your home at a particular temperature, they’ll work less. You’ll immediately notice this change the next time you see your energy bill.

  • Sound deadening

In addition to blocking heat transfer, insulation has great soundproofing qualities, so upgrading your home will also make it quieter and more comfortable.

Use A+ Energy and Save Even More

In addition to the long term cost savings that come with upgraded insulation, A+ Energy Services can also help you take full advantage of available rebates to offset the cost of your insulation retrofits. Programs like the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) program through NHSaves can reimburse New Hampshire homeowners up to $4,000 on their installation costs.

From fire-rated foam insulation for your crawlspaces and air sealing to blow in cellulose insulation work in your exterior walls, A+ Energy Solutions is a leading insulation contractor in Southern New Hampshire. For more than 20 years we’ve been helping homeowners lower their energy bills and keep their homes more energy efficient and comfortable year-round.

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