The A+ Energy Services, Inc. Approach
Energy Audit

Whole Home Energy Assessment

Our experienced, professional Building Analysts will evaluate your home from the outside in and inside out. You will receive quick, easy recommendations that will reduce bills, and we will also take the time to zero in on any problem areas that could be causing cold drafts, heat loss, or moisture buildup. We expect every customer to have improved comfort, improved indoor air quality, and low heating bills.

What’s Included In The Home Energy Assessement


The exterior inspection of your home includes evaluating the general condition of the exterior watershed, siding and sills. Common issues are mold or fungus growth on roofs, siding and soffits (usually caused by too much building air leakage and not enough ventilation). There may be grade sloping issues causing moisture problems, and often there will be foundation/framing separation causing cold air infiltration into the basement or crawlspace.


Every APG Energy Audit includes a complete inspection of all accessible unconditioned spaces (regardless of how pleasant or unpleasant). This includes basements and dirt floor crawlspaces, knee wall crawlspaces and attics. As we squeeze into the areas of your home that get the least attention. We’ll be on the lookout for hidden signals that could be causing asthma or allergies, or for insulation failures or thermal bypasses that could be causing areas of the house to become either hot or cold.

We use thermal cameras to identify where your home could be leaking heat - costing you money


With Infrared thermal-imaging cameras, our Building Analysts can graphically display and photograph the insulation levels and cold or hot spots within your walls, ceilings and floors without creating any holes or removing any sheet rock. This allows for a clear and transparent accounting of where home energy efficiencies are occurring, and thus allows for our clients and analysts to zero in on the real problems.

Blower door test: We pressurize your home to figure out just how tight - or not - it really is.


The blower door test tells you how much energy you are wasting due to excess air-flow. It allows us to determine where the greatest air leakage is occurring, and to develop cost-effective plans to get your home as close to the Building Airflow Standard (BAS) as possible. The BAS is the Goldilocks zone: Heat loss virtually eliminated, yet adequate fresh air exchange to insure plenty of clean, fresh air for the occupants inside the home.

Your building inspection analyst will check to make sure any combustion devices in your home are running efficiently - and to make sure they aren't leaking gas, CO2 or other harmful irritants.


During the Assessment, your Building Analyst will also be able to perform a combustion safety and efficiency test on your heating equipment. This is a very important test that can detect gas leakage, carbon monoxide spillage into your home and the efficiency of your equipment. This test can even show low-level carbon monoxide problems that may not be detected by plug-in CO detectors, and will also determine how much energy efficiency could be gained through an upgrade to the heating system.

We check your hot water heater, as well as other common appliances and fixtures in your home, to make sure you're not wasting energy where you could be saving it!


Most homes can save an easy 5-10% of energy consumption through upgrades or adjustments to lighting, appliances, and domestic hot water. Your Building Analyst will be able to consult with you about the availability of instant-on CFL lighting, dimmable LED lighting, secondary refrigerators, and hot water usage. These base load energy savings measures often offer a rapid return on investment.

 Custom Recommendations & Cost Savings Report

Upon completion of your home assessment, your Building Analyst will compile the results into a detailed report that addresses any health and safety issues, and an explanation of energy loss in your home. The report will detail recommended customized solutions, cost of implementation, and the projected return on your investment.

Enjoy your home more, and cut your energy bills!

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