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We have to admit that the window replacement market isn’t as rewarding for the contractor as it was a few years back, but it sure is more challenging. Choices, choices, choices. As a window replacement shopper in southern New Hampshire you have choices galore. Every contractor and every company either has the best product, the best value, or the best price. You may find it very difficult to make an informed, educated, and wise decision. We find there is more buyers’ remorse in windows than any other home improvement project.

This is how we can help.

While most window companies will send out a sales rep armed with window samples to show you how great their product is, and how affordable they can make it. We take a different approach.

When we arrive for a window estimate, you may be surprised to find out we probably don’t have any samples with us. In fact, we’ll probably have a blower door for a draft test and thermal imaging camera to determine window heat loss. You’ll be meeting with a Professional who is much less pitchman and much more advisor.

First, we want to determine why you want new windows. If it is mainly for energy efficiency, then we will build an overall home energy assessment into your window shopping experience. If it’s for increased comfort, then we may be able to provide a more comprehensive approach. If it is to improve the look of the house, then you’ll definitely want to explore your options and we love customers who have questions. However, if your windows are failing and in obvious need of replacement, we can also make it very time and cost effective to meet your needs.


Fair Market Price Ranges (Installed Prices)

Entry Level Vinyl ($200-400)

We don’t recommend low-end vinyl products, not even the ones with Energy Star labels. The only compelling feature is the price. Your investment will include limited curb appeal, typical lack of pride through the installation, poor air infiltration scoring, and early seal failure and distortion.

Mid-Range Vinyl ($400-600)  

Depending on the house and customer, a well built, well installed vinyl window gets the job done just fine. Energy Star rated, tilts in for easy cleaning, looks good from the curb, has some design options and warms up the living space. Won’t bust the budget but still adds value.

Composite & Premium Vinyl ($600-1,200)

These windows include fiberglass from the major manufacturers, multiple companies who offer over-built vinyl including the triple pane options, and the wood/vinyl mixture from the big “A.” Done right, you have yourself a very nice set of windows. Just be careful when treading in these waters. These are the shark waters.

Wood ($700-2,000)

Wood windows, on the replacement end is a fairly specialized investment. Wood windows may be a good choice for old homes, very high end homes, or for homes in very rustic settings. Wood windows cost quite a bit more to purchase and they need to be installed with the utmost of care and patience. The wide range in price is due mainly to the array of design options that come along with new wood windows. Wood replacement windows require attention to detail to be done right. We love helping our customers wade through the design details associated with the different brands when choosing wood windows.

We have no brand loyalty, just customer loyalty.

Whatever your needs, we look forward to providing the window that best suits your home and budget.

We invite you to give us a call and schedule a free consultation and estimate. However, if you plan to get multiple bids, please have us out last, as we don’t keep a staff of hungry sales reps who can come out on a moments notice. This allows us to keep our overhead down and pass the savings on to you.

Enjoy your home more, and cut your energy bills!

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