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September 9, 2019

Many homeowners in Southern New Hampshire who are interested in improving energy efficiency start with upgrading their home attic insulation. Attics are generally easy to access, and improving your attic insulation will deliver excellent savings for a relatively low initial investment.

Why Should I Insulate My Attic?

One of the basic rules of home energy efficiency is that heat rises. In the winter, heat from your interior living spaces may escape into the attic if there’s not enough thermal barrier or insulation in place. In the summer, attic insulation helps block radiant heat from the sun and protects the rest of the home from those warm attic temperatures, keeping living spaces down below, nice and cool. The pros at A+ Energy Services have years of experience helping Southern NH homeowners stay comfortable and save by installing attic insulation.

What Kinds of Insulation are Best for Attics?

As insulation contractors A+ Energy Services can help determine which type of insulation will work best in your attic. We apply different kinds of insulation depending on the space available and customer preferences. Here’s a rundown of attic insulation options and best application: 

  • Cellulose offers excellent insulation properties for most budgets and is quite versatile. It is made from plant fibers—usually recycled newspapers— and treated for fire resistance. In attics, cellulose in “loose fill” form is installed on the attic floor, where it can reach the right depth for top performance. In the walls, cellulose may be applied as “dense pack”  that fills up the spaces inside the wall. 

  • Fiberglass batts are the common insulation most homeowners recognize. While this is often a DIY project, to gain top performance results, it’s best to leave fiberglass batt insulation to the experts. We generally install fiberglass batts in walls during new construction.

  • Spray Foam serves a dual purpose when installed by both air sealing and providing an insulating layer. Because it requires specialized training and equipment, spray foam can be more costly than other insulation options. The insulation experts at A+ Energy Services prefer cellulose over other types of insulation for your attic. 

Pair Attic Insulation with Air Sealing for Maximum Performance

To achieve the optimal performance from new attic insulation, A+ Energy Services pairs new insulation with detailed air sealing services. You may not realize it, but your Peterborough NH home probably has a whole host of gaps, cracks and holes. These little gaps allow outside air to seep in and inside air to escape. By sealing these small cracks and holes, we can ensure your attic insulation restricts the flow of energy the way it’s designed. It’s like adding a windbreaker to a cozy sweater on a windy day, keeping the air from blowing through the sweater fibers.

Get Started with a Home Energy Audit and Save!

If you’re wondering how we find those mysterious cracks and gaps, the answer is through our home energy audit. This in-depth home energy audit will enlighten you on how your home systems work together to keep your home cozy and comfortable. Plus by starting with our comprehensive energy assessment, you may qualify for valuable rebates and incentives through NHSaves when you improve home energy efficiency. 

A+ Energy Services is Your Attic Insulation Resource

As with any home improvement investment, there are many options in Southern New Hampshire for blown-in insulation contractors. Our customers have relied on our expertise to upgrade insulation and improve home efficiency based on science and years of experience. As a BPI (building performance institute) certified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) contractor you can count on our expert advice! By setting off on the right foot, your efficiency upgrades, including new attic insulation, may qualify your home for affordable 0-2% financing and rebates—up to $4000 from NHSaves!

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