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May 14, 2019

As an experienced energy auditor and insulation expert serving southern New Hampshire, we often get questions like “Why do I need an energy audit?”, “How does an energy audit work?”, and “What will an energy audit tell me?”

Energy audits are a new concept to many homeowners, yet scheduling an energy audit is one of the best things you can do for greater indoor comfort and energy bill savings.

What an Energy Audit Will Tell You

An energy audit is an in-depth assessment of how your home is performing, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and comfort. This assessment will reveal issues that are causing discomfort and raising your energy bills — such as hidden construction detail air leaks that are letting conditioned air outside, or gaps in insulation that are letting unwanted heat into upstairs rooms.

What’s more is that after the assessment is complete, your energy auditor will tell you which home improvements you should tackle first for greater comfort, increased safety, and lower energy bills. So, instead of guessing how to boost indoor comfort and save more money on your utility bills, you’ll know exactly which upgrades to prioritize.

Benefits of Scheduling an Energy Audit

When you follow the recommendations given after your energy audit, you can expect benefits like:

  • Warmer floors in the winter

  • A cooler upstairs in the summer

  • Enhanced year-round home comfort

  • Greater home energy efficiency

  • Lower annual energy costs

  • Increased safety & indoor air quality

What to Expect When You Schedule an Energy Audit

Home energy audits by A+ Energy Services  can include a number of important inspections and tests:

  • Exterior inspection to uncover mold, moisture issues, and air leakage

  • Unfinished space inspection to find issues that could be causing discomfort or allergies

  • Blower door testing to assess overall air leakage levels

  • Infrared thermal imaging to detect those air leaks and insulation gaps

  • Combustion safety testing to detect gas leakage and carbon monoxide spillage

  • Appliance, lighting, and domestic hot water check for energy efficiency

After the audit, you may receive a cost savings report, along with custom recommendations for your home. Recommended upgrades may include things like air sealing for air leaks or new insulation for an under-insulated attic.

Start Your Home Improvement with an Energy Audit

Are you thinking about making improvements to your home in southern New Hampshire in the near future? Whether you want to lower those energy bills, keep more of the cold out in the winter, or make your second floor cooler in the summer, scheduling an energy audit is the first step to improving your home. By starting with an energy audit, you can know exactly which home improvements to tackle first for the most tangible results and a higher return on your investment. It all starts when you get in touch with the home comfort and efficiency specialists at A+ Energy Services!

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