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September 4, 2020

There’s never been a better time for southern New Hampshire residents to improve their home’s efficiency and performance. One of the incentives available to qualified homeowners is the NHSaves Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES) program. As a certified HPwES contractor, the efficiency experts at A+ Energy Services can get you on your way to improving your home comfort and saving money. 

What is NHSaves?

The basic goal of this state funded rebate program is to encourage New Hampshire residents to participate in energy efficient practices in all home construction projects. NHSaves is funded through a utility tax (sbc fund) on your Eversource and/or natural gas utility bill and is regulated by the NH Public Utilities Commission, while being administered by your electric and natural gas utility companies.

For a limited time, NHSaves is offering a 90% rebate for projects up to $16,000! With a great rebate, controlled measure costs, quality assurance, 3rd party verification, and available financing whereby payments can be less than the energy savings, it is a win win situation for NH homeowners. Increasing your comfort, lowering utility bills, helping the environment and increasing your homes value can all be withinh reach..

How Do I Qualify for NHSaves?

Homeowners are qualified based on the actual energy usage for heating  their home. There’s a simple qualifying tool on the NHSaves website that will tabulate your information to determine your eligibility based on energy use and your home’s square footage. Contact A Plus Energy and we can assist you in determining your rebate qualification. You will need to have your energy bills for the past 2 years to reference, in order to enter your annual usage of these fuels:

  • Electricity (heating only)

  • Fuel oil

  • Kerosene

  • Wood cordage or pellets

  • Propane

  • Natural gas

*Often times it is easier to email your fuel supplier or retrieve the usage history online.

An Energy Audit is the First Step

If you qualify, the first step for the NHSaves rebate program is to find out where your home is losing energy with a home energy audit. An energy audit takes a comprehensive look at your home systems from roof to basement. A BPI certified Building Analyst from A+ Energy Services is specially trained in building sciences and can evaluate your home’s performance using scientific testing instruments and tools. A fee of $100 is required for the energy audit, but will be deducted from any energy upgrades that are completed. 

What’s included in an Energy Audit?

During your home energy audit the A+ Energy Services Building Analyst will conduct a thorough inspection of our home’s systems, which may include:

  • Exterior Inspection

  • Unfinished Space Inspection

  • Exterior wall Insulation

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging

  • Blower Door Test

  • Combustion Safety Test

  • Appliance, Lighting & Hot Water Check

How are the Results Explained?

Once the energy audit is complete the A+ Energy Services Building Analyst will review the results with you. A detailed custom recommendations & cost savings report will address any health and safety concerns and explain the sources of home energy loss. Based on the findings, he will detail recommended solutions for your home’s specific needs, cost for implementation and a projected return on your investment.

NHSaves Provides Instant Rebates 

If you complete energy upgrades that include air sealing, attic insulation or lighting, instant rebates are available through the NHSaves program to qualifying households. As experienced HPwES contractors, A+ Energy Services can walk you through the details of the available rebates to help offset your investment in home improvement projects, like attic insulation and air sealing. 

What are the Benefits of Insulation & Air Sealing?

Air sealing and attic insulation together offer an instant savings on heating and cooling bills, and are included in the NHSaves rebate program. Air sealing helps your new insulation perform as designed by sealing up gaps and cracks that undercut insulation’s thermal qualities. Our experienced insulation team will use the results from thermal imaging to pinpoint where air leaks need to be sealed. Finally the new insulation is installed over the sealed attic floor.

Are your home energy bills increasing?

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